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Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

Spokane, WA


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Try the Azure Fighter
Shooting game
For Desktop and Mobile

Work Experience

Software Engineer
July 2021 Current

Trapeze EAM enterprise software is a powerful comprehensive transit asset management software application designed for tracking all transit infrastructure for which the agency is responsible: rolling stock (bus, railcar, non-revenue), facilities assets (stations/shelters), track/fixed guideway (linear/stationary assets), maintenance of way, etc. Here I develop, test and maintain past and future code for Trapeze Group. Enterprise Asset Management ("EAM") uses desktop, web and mobile to help with Asset management. From doing CRUD Opertaions to their system to working with 3rd parties software to relay work done, Trapeze has it covered. I have done what I call adapter work flow, much like whats found in Rapid Miner, which requires knowing how an adapter works and using it to suit the customers needs (Custom adapters are made often). These adapters primarily use C#, SQL and APIs. Projections of the position includes using Xamarin, .NET and a deeper C# and SQL work. This work would be considered making microservices. Lots of web development was done here as well. Javascript, C# and CSS skills were forged here, helping me forge my full stack abilities tremendously. Soft Skills were sharpened by working with multiple teams, some of which had new people, Scrum, Story point meeting, Sprint Retrospect and much more.

Software Developer
June 2021 - July 2021

Worked at a start-up company (3 years old at the moment) who provided proprieretary software that was to ease HIPAA security pains. There I learned how to create full stack websites with Laravel (PHP). I helped their live website by changing click events to show data pulled from the backend and presented in a clean way. I also removed and added some functionality of the Apex (js) chart itself. There I learned a good amount of PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap and SQL as well as some Amazon SSH (My Bootstrap site). I look at this as a great opening position which gave me insight to ground up production however 1 month after working I was offered another position that better suited me and my goals.

Freelance Painter
Jan 2015 - Jan 2020

Part time Painter where I am self-employed. I took over as my own boss and would meet, bid, and work on my own jobs. Working with many different contractors and citizens, this position taught me to be very responsible. This position also required me to hire a helping hand which hours and pay was managed by me. I worked this position while attending College full time, it offered me a way to have flexibility in prioritizing my time properly amongst the two. During this time, I was also engaging in home theater sales via online platforms, as far as creating a custom ASP.net/JS/CSS + bootstrap website where people could order merchandise from

Lead Painter
Mar 2012 - Dec 2014

Full time Painter working directly with the owner of the Company (10 employees), I was a valued employee who was never written up or laid off. This employer would be a great reference to my ability to show up every day on time with a go to personality

Customer Service Rep
Jun 2010 - Mar 2012

Full time Customer Service Associate who worked directly with Customers, cash, and Management. I opened and closed the entire store, made sales, tendered my cash and reported for weekly reports. On the Ruby and Division store I achieved the highest sales in the Northwest. This job would be a great reference to my ability to always be on time and try my hardest while also being responsible at a young age


Eastern Washington University
2017 - 2020

Bachelors Degree

Eastern provided me with many hours of formal training of Software Engineering such as OOP design and programming, C and UNIX programming, and an in-depth multi-quarter sequence of Java. I chose the more rigorous math course that was taught which were Calculus 2, Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms. Eastern Washington University is an Accredited College by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, therefore was an easy choice for me make. There I learned 10 different programming languages and used more than 10 different Development Environments. Waterfall and Agile development principles as well as version control was taught there as well. Professors not only taught different languages and their respective code but also required the understanding of common coding principles such as the pillars of OOP and Design Patterns all the way down to process scheduling.

  • Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Design Patterns
  • Operating Systems
  • GUI Dev (JavaFX, Android, C# .NET)
  • Java I & II
  • DataMining & Big Data
  • Networks (IP/TCP etc.)
  • Embedded Software
  • 3D & Advanced 3D Graphics (OpenGL)

Please take a look at my GitHub for an in depth explanation of these course projects: github.com/chazhurd

Spokane Falls CC

Associates Degree

Spokane Falls provided a great base start of education. There I learned most of my engineering Mathematics and Sciences. Calculus 2 and all 4 major sciences were learned there. Prior to attending, becoming an Engineer was certain however which type was unknown. I chose the biological as it was one of the most difficult to understand and was fun to study. I took two years of French, studied various sciences, and took more than the needed amount of general education to understand what I wanted and be sure of what future I will proceed with.

Self-Taught Projects

Business Website Development
On Pause / In Progress


A job where the owner of a business wanted a custom site that could post to google calendars, post to multiple social media sites and wanted the site to be commerce like for renting equipment.

  • ASP.Net MVC Web App (Originally Node.Js & Express), Razor Pages HTML, CSS3
  • RESTful APIs: Google Calendar

Figma Design

One of the reasons I say this is DevOps is because I manage the entire production of this site, from Design to Deployment

scroll around in the gray void to view design

KanBan DevOps Managment


Azure Fighter
55 hours

ES6 & JS

Lots of ES6 in this project. I thought I should make one of my favorite classic games so I did! This was a complete scratch project, no reference to any game code found online/offline. Lots of testing and rewriting went on here, did my own animation then decided to use some online libraries for certain elements. Originally made for phones, recently update with keyboard controls.

Spot Application
200 hours


During my time at EWU an idea of mine came to development and is near to deployment. I always enjoyed making money, especially in the most efficient way which made me think of this Application. The code is private however the page will give you an idea of what I have Dev'Op'd.

150 hours

Ecma Script 6

The W3 schools tutorial taught me much of what I know. These pages were the GOULOASH of what I learned. This type of code reminds me much of my JavaFX, Android and WPF type of programming.

1 hour

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